Fused quartz

Fused Master Quartz
It has two or more points on a single six-sided body
Cristalljoia, 40 years of minerals

Fused Master Quartz

It has two or more points in a single six-sided body.

It is quartz for those people who help others and who at the end of the day feel drained by contact with so many people, this quartz shields them without breaking the connection with the other and thus maintains the joy and satisfaction of helping others to continue responding in a healthy way to that personal purpose.

Fused master quartz works by establishing the direct connection and fusing the bond between you and your guide or teacher, which allows you to activate your Spiritual Plan for your current life, to begin what you chose to do before coming on a learning mission. It also has the ability to work on polarities and extremes, making them reach meeting points and thus be able to advance the illusions of separation, strengthening the bond in relationships.

Union and Harmony: Due to its nature of twin crystals growing together, fused twin quartz is associated with union and harmony. This crystal is believed to promote healthy and balanced relationships as it symbolizes the connection and cooperation between two separate entities.

Integration of energies: By having two fused crystals, the fused twin quartz integrates the energies of both crystals into one. This can result in balanced and harmonious energy that promotes emotional and spiritual stability.

Support in relationships: This type of quartz is considered useful for strengthening and improving interpersonal relationships. It is said to promote mutual understanding, empathy and effective communication, which helps resolve conflicts and encourages cooperation.

Personal Growth: Some people use fused twin quartz as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. This crystal is believed to help integrate aspects of oneself that may be in conflict, facilitating reconciliation and inner balance. Due to its ability to integrate energies and promote harmony, fused twin quartz is considered helpful in establishing a sense of balance and stability in life.

It is said to help keep calm in times of tension and provides a sense of inner peace.

In summary, fused twin quartz is valued for its ability to promote union, harmony, and integration of energies. It is a useful tool in interpersonal relationships.

Fused Master Quartz
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