Agatized fossil coral

ETYMOLOGY : AGATE (Greek: Achates in Sicily) CORAL (Latin: pebble or small stone) FOSSIL (Latin: excavation, pit).
MINERAL CLASS: Oxide, quartz group.
HARDNESS: 7 in the Mohs.
FIELDS: Indonesia, Eua (Georgia, Florida).
MINERALOGY: It is a fossil of coral which is gradually replaced with agate, you can display a variety of colors, ranging from white and pink to brown, black, gray, yellow and red. This can vary widely within a single stone depending on weathering and oxidation and the original mineral.


MYTHOLOGY AND TRIVIA: The real name of this rock is "fossil coral agatized" varieties of fossilized coral found throughout the world the best examples are found in the mountains of Indonesia, in this place, whole coral heads have completely preserved and appear just as they found 20 million years ago, although its density has changed a lot by replacing silica, iron, manganese and other minerals.


: The Agate fossil coral provides physical, emotional and intellectual balance, transmits emotionally, the agate protection and security. Mentally power logical and rational thinking, stimulates concentration. Avoid the envy and selfishness of others, coming from the sea has positive vibrations, coral is said to be a stone that attracts love, brings good luck in the home and its inhabitants.

CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus.
ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer.
USES:Meditation, collection, jewelery.
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