India agate

ETYMOLOGYThe "agate" name comes from the river Achates (Dirillo currently located south of Sicily, Italy), where Plinio found the first agates.
MINERAL CLASS: Oxide, quartz group.
HARDNESS: 6-7 in the Mohs scale.
FIELDSBrazil, Uruguay, United States, India, Madagascar.

MINERALOGY: It is a variety of quartz, it is a mineral found in volcanic rocks that can measure from millimeters to several meters., The transparency of agate can be from almost transparent to opaque.

READ MORE: The striped pattern is caused by a rhythmic crystallization. (Symmetric internal structure that determines the physical of crystals)


MYTHOLOGY: It is known in some circles as the "stone of eternity" because it helps not to be afraid of aging, or old age. Its energy vibrations and contribute to transmit serenity and patience. Also known as an "anti-stress" stone is also used as an ornamental stone or decoration at home, because it helps carry peace and tranquility. In India, they believed it was healing, especially for eye diseases. In Egypt it was thought to be very effective against insect bites and poisonous spider or scorpion.

: Provides security, protection stimulates concentration. Green minerals have a harmonizing and neutralizing effect. Green releases the feelings, increase the speed and responsiveness and arouse interest and enthusiasm. Green brings initiative and will to live, stimulates the sense and the ability of perception and draws our attention to the material world. Green minerals help to deal with "poison the spirit", ie a negative considerations and foster a healthy optimism. Green is actually the color of hope.


CHAKRAS: Heart, spleen, sacral.
ZODIAC SIGN:Aries, Libra, Taurus, Gemini. 
USES:Jewelry, collection, meditation, decoration.
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