ETYMOLOGY: From greek means messenger of God.
CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Orthorhombic.
CHEMICAL FORMULA, MINERAL ELEMENTS: CaSO4 sulfate calcium anhydrous.

HARDNESS: 3.5 on the Mohs scale.
FIELDSBritain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya.

MINERALOGY: An anhydrite, grayish blue color, has an evaporite sedimentary origin. This mineral is deposited from aqueous solutions of calcium sulphate with an excess of sodium or potassium chlorate, if the temperature exceeds 40 degrees C.


MYTHOLOGY: Anhydrite was discovered in 1804 in a salt mine in Tirol, Austria. Anhydrous name he gave Abraham Gottlob Werner (1749 or 1750-1817, German geologist) when he discovered this mineral. In Peru is the largest deposits of the mineral.


PROPERTIES: It is said that Angelita is the powerful stone for healing, because it deepens the tune and elevates the perception, also offers protection for the environment and for the body, the little angel helps you to be honest, compassionate and accepting situations not we can change. Angelite helps to feel peace and tranquility.


CHAKRAS: Throat, eyebrows.


USES: In the manufacture of mortar, replacing the cement as ornamental stone, mineral collection, meditation.

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