ETYMOLOGYThe latin arena, the same meaning.
PRINCIPLE OF FORMATION:  The sandstone has a classic origin, that is not organic or chemical. It is formed in two steps. First, layers of sand accumulate in cells known as grus. Water or air ordered rock grains or mineral in these batteries and sedimentation occurs. The pressure of the deposits formed on the grains of the compacted rocks or minerals, and materials such as clay, calcium carbonate or precipitated siliceous through the sediment layer and cemented rock grains or minerals .
MINERAL CLASS: Feldspar and quartz.

HARDNESS: 3 on the Mohs scale.
FIELDS: Constitutes 20% of all sedimentary rocks of the planet Earth.

MINERALOGY: Terrigenous detrital sedimentary rock composed of at least 85% of grains more or less rounded quartz, with sizes between 1/16 mm and 2 mm. They are common rocks, becoming an essential component of numerous stratigraphic series, regular or layers, and also in lentejón, varieties are distinguished by the grain size, the nature of the cement and / or the presence of particular elements. Essential minerals: quartz. Accessory minerals: feldspar, mica. Siliceous cement, iron oxides and calcite. Sometimes it contains heavy minerals (such as rutile and others). Sandstone in which they are composed various substances that give different colors; It is due to red hematite, limonite to yellow, to green glauconite, etc.

MYTHOLOGY: At present there are ten beautiful landscapes of sandstone: Antelope Canyon (Arizona USA-), White Monte (USA - Nevada) Uluru (Australia), Tepuys Canaima (Venezuela), The desert the thousand giant arches (USA - Utah), carved Mountains (Turkey Cappadocia) A red beach (Hawaii-Maui Island in the Bay Kaihalulu), Bardenas (Spain), Desert swirls ( USA- Arizona), Red Desert (Jordan).

PROPERTIES: It is said that power spirituality sandstone, help open up new horizons, acceptance of change, this stone reduces anger, it helps cleanse the soul. Red minerals make you become more impulsive and outgoing, intensifies the elementary emotions (love or hate), strengthens the willpower and resilience. Red stimulates the inner fire.


CHAKRASSacral, spleen, solar plexus.

USES: Construction and building materials, decoration, grindstones and stones to make flour mills, as well as a filter to clean the water of pollutants.

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