Yellow calcite

ETYMOLOGY: The name comes from the latin word calx meaning lime.

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Trigonal, hexagonal.


MINERAL CLASS: Carbonates.


Hardness: 3 on the Mohs scale.

FIEDS: Peru, Brazil, Iceland, Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain.

MINERALOGY: Among the varieties of calcium carbonate is the most stable mineral. Calcite is a carbonate alocromático pure state is colorless, but depending on the different substances involved in its formation can be discolored or another, may contain iron, chromium, copper, vanadium or magnesium.


MYTHOLOGY: As calcium, calcite is used since ancient times as a popular medicine has been used in bandages in case of skin diseases: ulcers, warts, wounds etc. Calcite is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet and usually occurs in large quantities. The easy water solubility of calcium carbonate often makes calcite is washed leaving holes in the rock, or suffering pseudomorphosis eg smithsonite or hematite, copper, pyrite, quartz, galena, marcasite or pyrolusite. Because calcite is a very common mineral, and their varied forms, also has a very different use. The Romans dominated the art of cooking lime and mortar manufacturing.

READ MORE: The Pseudomorphosis is the phenomenon by which a given mineral form is replaced, maintaining its shape, other mineral different chemical composition (ex. is azurite Malachite pseudomorph).


PROPERTIES: The yellow calcite brings stability, self-confidence and perseverance, stimulates the ability to transform ideas into action, introducing you power meditation in a high level of relaxation and spirituality. This mineral activates the mind improving the capacity of discernment and memory.


CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus, Crown.

ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio.

USES: Jewellery, collection, meditation, cement, ceramics, obtaining lime, cargo, chemical industry, as a flux in metal ores.

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