ETYMOLOGY: From greek khalcos (copper) and phyR (fire).


PRINCIPLE OF FORMATION: All types of training.



HARDNESS: 3. 5-4 on the Mohs scale.

FIEDS: Rio Tinto (Spain), Ontario (Canada), Huarón (Peru), Osarizawa (Japan), Dalnegorsk (Russia), Banská (Slovakia), Cavnic (Romania), Madan (Bulgaria).


MINEROLOGY: Contains 34.5% copper, 30.5% iron and 35% sulfur. It comes in crystals that are pseudotetraedros (almost looks like a tetrahedron) usually by coating or pseudomorphosis of tetrahedrite or tennantite; most times it is found in bulk. To present twinned crystals appear very flattened pyramidal habit neumatolitic, hydrothermal high temperature pegmatitic origin.

MYTHOLOGY: Chalcopyrite is a mineral that occurs in almost all types of deposits. As pyrite can be confused with gold because of their color, so it is called "fool's gold".

PROPERTIES: It is said to be a powerful driver of energy, spiritually helps you deep meditation. Chalcopyrite shows you prosperity as a state of mind will help you attract abundance into your life, makes you more curious and motivated person, promotes the desire to understand life.


CHAKRAS: Sacred heart.

ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra.

USES: Important ore (mineral deposit of economic interest) of copper.


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