Kyanite with ruby

ETYMOLOGY: Kyanite (Greek kyanos = Blue) Ruby (Latin rubeus = Red).

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Triclinic / trigonal


MINERAL CLASS: Silicates / oxides corundum family.


HARDENESS: 7- 9 on the Mohs scale.


MINERALOGY: It is formed from magmatic fluid in rocks rich in aluminum, corundum have surface features of transport, corrosion and mechanical abrasion accidental represent fragments of crust incorporated into the magma. The presence of crystalline inclusions, plus the existence of kyanite and associated minerals as hercynite suggest a metamorphic origin related granulitas. The discovery of associated mineral kyanite and corundum suggests that these could be crystallized from the aluminosilicate.

MYTHOLOGY: In the ancient cultures of India ruby ​​was known as the "Sun Stone" by depicting the inner fire, love and passion. Legend indicates that in northern Europe, near the Mediterranean Sea natural disasters occurred: A huge storm that broke the biggest seas in Europe, prompting the destruction of the rich mines in quartz and sapphire. This caused the destruction of such ores, happened, sea salts combined with sapphires and quartz, making them his white and colorless led stripe in the center and fathered was how this new and beautiful mineral called today "Kyanite".


PROPERTIES: It is said that ruby ​​gives intelligence, contributes to the spiritual and emotional development, provides success in the material world, strengthens self confidence, kyanite is said to protect and give luck to the lovers in their relationships and achievements, is a stone that gives self-confidence and strength of character brings recommended for shy people.


CHAKRAS: Spleen eyebrows.

ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces.

USES: Jewelry, meditation, collection.

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