Elestial quartz

ETYMOLOGY: Known as SKELETON QUARTZ (no form and sometimes has holes).

CLASS MINERAL: Oxides, quartz group.


HARDNESS: 7 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Worldwide, the main deposits are in Brazil.


MINERALOGY: Deep surfaces caused by the rapid growth of the songs, has many endings and multilayer folds, has many forms, no one determined, its color is smoked. It is often called skeletal quartz, as some of these crystals form and have no holes.

MYTHOLOGY: The surface of this quartz resembles the human brain. The elestiales or alligator quartz inclusions tend to find elestial hematite.Podemos light colored quartz, smoky pink, yellow, amethyst and smoky amethyst.


PROPERTIES: It is a stone that promotes confidence, undoes the blocks and fears, helps release negative emotions providing inner peace. It is the preferred tool of the holistic therapists. It helps guide us in our mission in life. It is a stone of change and transformation, dissolves confusion.



ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius.

USES: Meditation, collection.

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