Shell jasper

ETYMOLOGY: The word jasper comes from the Greek word iaspis meaning "stained stone".


MINERAL CLASS: Calcium carbonate and manganese

HARDNESS: 3.4 on the Mohs scale.
FIELDS: Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Pakistan.


MINERALOGY: Marble is a metamorphic limestone, with a compact and crystalline texture that can be polished to a high gloss. Ordinarily composed of grains of variable size of calcite and dolomite. The presence, albeit in a very small amount, of various silicates is also frequent. In ordinary language and construction technique, the term marble has a broader meaning as it encompasses any calcareous or dolomite rock that can be polished and used in construction and ornamentation. Oxides and hydroxides of manganese are deposited on matrices of calcite clay and various dendritic minerals, manganese is soft, semi-heavy with earthy fracture and good exfoliation.

MYTHOLOGY: The most common ores are formed by the decomposition of manganese carbonates that occur in nodular or earthy form, manganese nodules are typical of deep seabed, precipitation of the exhalations of submarine volcanoes rich in this metal that is deposit around fossil remains, detrital grains or lava knots.


PROPERTIES: It is said that the shell jasper produces serenity and satisfaction while providing stability and protection, it offers vigor on the physical, emotional and mental plane which in turn helps us to establish a very practical and safe spiritual connection, helps to overcome the resignation, also helps us defend against oppression, improves constant unhappiness.

USES: Decoration, meditation, collection, jewelery.


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