ETYMOLOGY: It comes from the city of Kimberley. South Africa

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Various structures


MINERAL CLASS: Diamond Mother Rock

HARDNESS: 6-7 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, West Africa, Australia, USA.


MINERALOGY: Kimberlites constitute a group of potassium ultrabasic rocks rich in volatile matter (mainly CO2) with a variation of megacrystallized compositions on a fine grain substrate (a megacrystal is a macroscopically visible crystal that clearly stands out from the substrate more fine, although it is not known with certainty if it was formed in the same magma of the kimberlita). The megacrystallized cluster may consist of ilmenite, garnet, pyropo, olivine, clinopyroxene, phlogopite, enstatite and chromite. The kimberlite formations are vertical intrusions, shaped like carrots, called 'chimneys'. This classic form of carrot is due to a complex intrusive process of kimberlite magma containing a large proportion of CO2 and H2O. This produces at some depth an explosive boiling stage that causes a significant amount of vertical combustion (Bergman, 1987).


MYTHOLOGY: A group of Australian scientists has found a kimberlite deposit, The find has occurred on the slopes of Mount Meredith in the mountains of Prince Charles in eastern Antarctica. On the surface the Kimberlite by effect of the natural agents, it becomes a rock amrilla "yellow earth" that in depth originates a "blue earth". Harder.


PROPERTIES: It is said that kimberlite is a stone of transformation, helps to overturn impediments that arise with change and unite the irreconcilable, Kimberlite is protective and teaches you to release the resistances, favors deep meditation.


CHAKRAS: Sacrum.

ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn, Sagittarius.

USES: Kimberlites are the most important primary source of diamonds. As a flux in the production of steel and pig iron, as a sintering agent in the steel industry to process iron ore, such as factory stone, cement manufacturing, road aggregation, natural cement making, magnesium and dolomite manufacture refractories, meditation, collection.

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