ETYMOLOGY: The word "Lingam" comes from Sanskrit and means symbol.

FIELDS: India (Sri Lanka).




MINERALOGY: The Shiva Lingam were formed millions of years ago when a meteorite hit the planet Earth at the source of river Narmada, the oldest in the world, Madhya Pradesh province about 300 miles northeast of Bombay, India. The immense heat shock, caused the fusion of rock environment with the meteoric material. Through time, it began to flow a river in this area, and the combination of these factors produced the only condition in which parts of fused material, take a typical oval shape, rolling on the bed of the river, for thousands of years. The oval shape is noticeably different from other flatter and thinner stones that normally appear in the bed caused the fusion of rock in the area with the meteoric material, which makes them unique and very special. This river is one of the holiest sites in India.


MYTHOLOGY: Once a year, before the monsoon, when the riverbed is lower, during full moon, some families traditionally dedicated to carefully select, collect and hand polishing these stones. The LINGAM NARMADESHVARA, appeared on the cover of the magazine "House and Garden" in June 1984 and on the cover of the magazine! Architectural Digest "in May 1985 in the US

PROPERTIES: It is said that Lingam helps in the spiritual development, helps you test yourself to yourself and to reject what is dispensable, brings balance, facilitates the union of opposites, such as male and female. So this stone is particularly useful to heal the emotional pain that entails separating couples as it cuts the connection between the two. Besides restoring confidence in the men and can attract a new partner.

CHAKRAS: Enables all chakras.

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