Tiger's eye

ETYMOLOGY: On the surface shows a light strip which recalls the slit eye of a tiger.

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Trigonal, fibrous aggregates.


CLASS MINERAL: Oxides group of quartz.


HARDNESS: 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: South Africa, Burma, India, Australia, Namibia, USA.


MINERALOGY: Tiger eye is formed by transformation from Hawkeye (pseudomorphism) crocidolite, keeping the columnar structure, the iron produces the golden yellow "Schiller" with a flowing light, its typical scratch is because inclusions fibrous are hidden or broken.


MYTHOLOGY: The Romans used eye carved Tiger on their shields and breastplates as a protective symbol in battle, in Arab culture, used this semi precious stone when they had a long journey. Before their departure they watered his wife a bowl of milk which they had previously entered an amulet tiger eye. It was thought that if a woman was unfaithful during the absence of her husband could not get pregnant from her lover. In the Middle Ages it was carried as a charm against witchcraft, demons and evil eye.


PROPERTIES: It is said that Tiger Eye helps overcome difficult stages of our lives, helps us maintain perspective in complex situations, tiger's eye is a protective stone, shows the correct use of power and makes us take our integrity helps achieve our goals, tiger's eye remedy esteem issues blocking creativity, self-criticism. Unlike idle about what you want from what you really need thoughts.



CHAKRASSolar Plexus.


USES: Meditation, collection, jewelery.

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