Fire opal

ETYMOLOGY: OPAL = from de sanskrit "upala" = stone changes the color. 



CLASS MINERAL:  Silicates.


HARDNESS: 5.5 - 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Mexico, Ethiopia, Australia.


MINERALOGY: In the group opal distinguish between nobles opalescent opals, opals red, yellow, fire and common opals. The properties vary considerably. The opal is secondarily formed as a result of solidification of silicic acid gel by dehydration. Since silicic acid gel forms droplets silicon dioxides microspheres are formed. (20% water and gas). The opal color play is due to the phenomenon of light refraction in the microspheres of cristobalite. The Fire opal owes its color to the iron content, the range of colors ranging from yellow to orange to brown and red. The best stones usually show a vivid burnt orange-red combination.


MYTHOLOGY: The Fire Opal is a stone of Mars, is considered the stone of the discoverers and conquerors, who ensures its owners great success and overcoming all risks, in Greek mythology was said to come from the tears of the fate of Zeus after the victory over the Titans. In India is the goddess of the rainbow solidified in stone when he fled from the gods angry. The Opal cristobalite has small areas included in a mass of hydrated silica gel, when these small areas are of equal size and an ordered three-dimensional distribution of the optical effect opalescence occurs, however when the small spheres are of different sizes and they are arranged irregularly opalescent effects not present.


PROPERTIES: It is said that the fire opal brings dynamism, initiative and new ideas, arouses the inner fire, helps you work too much too soon and quickly excite others, fire opal enlivens you, makes you open and risk-taker , wake you in, gives you energy, joy, excitement and enjoyment of sexuality, brings speed of understanding, the fire opal is emotionally determines thought and challenges, power personal power revive, awaken the inner fire and it protects them from dangers, it is a symbol of hope, excellent for business.


CHAKRAS: Spleen, solar plexus.


USES: Meditation, collection, jewelery.

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