ETYMOLOGY: It comes from the latin aurum, "shining dawn '.



CLASS MINERAL: Native element.


HARDNESS: 2.5 - 3 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: South Africa (world's largest supplier of gold), Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, Mexico, USA.


MINERALOGY: The gold is found mainly in the native state, mixed with sand or disseminated in veins or quartz veins; the first is called pleasure or gold sand and the last gold reefs. It's found in small quantities of gold in natural sulphides of lead and copper. The pure gold is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. It is one of the softer metals and good electrical and thermal conductor. Like other metals, it has a finely powdered black color, colloidal suspension and its color varies from ruby ​​red and purple. It is a very inactive metal. It is unaffected by air, moisture, and most solvents. Only water soluble chlorine, aqua regia or a mixture of water and potassium cyanide. Chlorides and cyanides are important compounds of gold.


MYTHOLOGY: The gold has been known and used by craftsmen from the Chalcolithic. Gold artifacts made from the fourth millennium BC. C., such as from the necropolis of Varna (first worked world3 gold) have been found in the Balkans. Other artifacts of gold as gold hats Nebra disk appeared in Central Europe since the second millennium. C. in the Bronze Age. Its appeal provoked calls "gold rushes", the first in 1849 in the floods of California; the second, in 1851, in Victoria, Australia; the third in Klondike next to the Yukon and Fairbanks, Alaska river. In 1884, the important site of Witwatersrand in the district of Rand near Johannesburg, South Africa was discovered. Bogota (Colombia) there is a museum dedicated to pre-Columbian art goldsmith, where there are approximately thirty-four thousand pieces of gold.


PROPERTIES: It is said that gold helps in moments of dissatisfaction, moments in which one is not sufficiently valued, helps to see things with optimism and to resist better, the gold minerals and optimistic exert a stimulatory effect, provide Luckily, carelessness and vigor. They are aware of our needs and wants and helps to ward off damage. The gold minerals help overcome depression and provide self-awareness, confidence and think about the own success. Yellow minerals help to discover the meaning of his own existence and thus lead to spiritual maturity.


CHAKRASSolar Plexus.


USES: About three-quarters of the world's gold production is consumed in joyería.en coinage and monetary exchange. It is also used in medicine, dentistry and in many different electrical devices, appliances physical, electronic, aeronautical engineering and space technology used gold because of its high strength. They are used as anti-inflammatory in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatic diseases.

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