Crystallized selenite

ETYMOLOGY: It comes from the latin "septum" which means partition, by your structure.

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Hexagonal, trigonal.


CLASS MINERAL: Nitrates, carbonates, borates


HARDNESS: on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Australia, Spain, Canada, England, New Zealand, Madagascar.


MINERALOGY: They are concretions that contain cavities or angular limestone cracks, the cracks are highly variable in shape and volume, the process that generates these cracks is not clear and different mechanisms are proposed: 1) dehydration of clay or gels; 2) contraction of the center of the realization due to differential hardening gradient from the periphery to the center; 3) expanding gases by decay of organic matter; 4) shrinkage caused by destabilization efforts (earthquakes or compaction), among others. It is formed when rock fragments contracts and then the cracks are filled with calcite, through water that seeps through.


MYTHOLOGY: The concretions have been regarded as geological curiosities, descriptions dating from the eighteenth century attest to this phenomenon. Due to the variety of unusual shapes, sizes and compositions, concretions have been interpreted as dinosaur eggs, animal and plant fossils (called pseudofossils) .In wall cavities present in the septaria often have coatings siderite or pyrite, giving, respectively, to a panoply of bright red color and gold.


PROPERTIES: It is said that septaria helps us stand firm in difficult situations without locking oneself eliminates those mechanisms that repress us, mentally septaria helps us to express our ideas, harmonizes emotions and intellect, emotional level, nourishes and soothes, is very good at interacting with groups and public speaking.

CHAKRAS: Sacral.

ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn.

USES: Collection, jewelry, meditation.

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