ETYMOLOGY: It means "stone sodium" By their chemical composition.



CLASS MINERAL: Carbonates.


HARDNESS: 5.5 - 6 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Brazil, Greenland, India, Canada, Namibia (transparent crystals), Russia.


MINERALOGY: The sodalite is part of the class of feldespatoides (similar to feldspar minerals in their composition, but with only silica content) is formed in pegmatites and volcanics, his best-known variety is dark blue to violet blue, usually has white calcite veins are considered varieties of sodalite, the Molibdosodalita (the green color and the presence of molybdenum in its the composition) and Hackmanita (the pink color and with a high sulfur content in its the composition).


MYTHOLOGY: The Ayopaya Province (Bolivia). From its hills sodalite, which is much appreciated for the sumptuous buildings it is removed, given its hardness which is greater than that of marble. It appears in clear crystals in the lava of Vesuvius. The solid blue variety is at Lichfield, in Bancroff. You may find sodalite white, gray or green color, the most spectacular sodalitas are displayed as dodecahedral crystals.


PROPERTIES: It is said that the sodalite encourages idealism and truth-seeking, possible to observe parts of ourselves that are repressed, objectively and to accept them again, stimulates the mind, orders confused thoughts and helps us in concentration. It helps to understand the problems of others and is useful in conflict with the ego and the related father figure. With it we can realize our objectives.


CHAKRAS: Throat, Brow.

ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius.

USES: Meditation, collection, jewelery, ornamentation.

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