Tektite (meteorite)

ETYMOLOGY: It comes from the greek "tektos" cast.



HARDNESS: 5  on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Australia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, USA.


MINERALOGY: Small glassy object with a size of 1-30 mm, usually black, rich in silica and low water content. It focuses on very specific stratigraphic levels, The tektites are scattered over certain areas of the surface of the Earth. They probably formed from molten material blasted into space by meteorite impacts on Earth. Later this material is condensed into droplets which later re-entered the atmosphere, undergoing a process of ablation (erosion on a relief due to the activity of physical or chemical processes).

MYTHOLOGY: The tektites are older than 65 million years and customers a variety of forms, including steroids, teardrop or pear, tektites are named according to the area where they were found, "Australites" (Australia and Tasmania) "bediasitas" (Texas,USA), "bilitonitas" (Billiton Islands, Indonesia),"georgiaítas" (Georgia, United States), "indochinitas" (former Indochina), "malasianitas" (Malaysia), "moldavites" (Czech Republic) "filipinitas" (Philippines).

PROPERTIES: It is said that the Tektite helps you to release undesirable experiences. It is also a talisman for fertility, helps rid of fears about the future and feelings of being overwhelmed derived from money or possessions, it helps us to reach the knowledge that it is a spiritual being.

CHAKRAS: Sacral.

ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn.

USES: Collection, jewelry, meditation.

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