Blue sapphire

ETYMOLOGY: Sapphirus comes from the Latin, which in turn comes from the greek σάπφειρος (sappheiros) and in turn comes from the hebrew chappir (ספיר = safir) meaning neat.


PRINCIPLE OF FORMATION: Primary or tertiary.

CLASS MINERAL: Oxides, corundum family.

HARDNESS: 9 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Africa, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi, Colombia.


MINERALOGY: Sapphire is formed from magmatic fluid aluminum in the rocks such as granite, the mermaid or pegmatite or does so metamorphism related to the gneisses, the clear marble slates or rocks. It is commonly found in deposits of rutile, bauxite and hematite rich. It belongs to the family of corundum, coloring substances are iron and titanium sapphire blue, and violet vanadium. Iron determines the yellow and green tones, chrome pink color, inclusions of rutile needles produce a silky shine.


Water Sapphire: the blue variety of cordierite or dicroíta.

White Sapphire: crystalline, colorless and transparent corundum.

Fake Sapphire: crystalline variety of quartz having the blue color due to inclusions of small individuals docilita.

Oriental sapphire: sapphire prized for its bright or east.


MYTHOLOGY: The sapphire (from Sanskrit "sani" = Saturn) was considered in the ancient cultures of Europe and India stone of Saturn represented the sky, the world of angels, magic, loyalty and friendship. In ancient times, in some cases even to the Middle Ages, it was generally understood by the current lapis sapphire. By 1800, it was found that the sapphire and ruby ​​corundum represent as a gemstone is one of the four most important gems of the world and the most beautiful along the ruby, diamond and emerald. Rutile needles oriented (ie, aligned parallel) (sometimes also very fine cracks) cause cat eye effect or six-pointed star: A star sapphire.


PROPERTIES: It is said that the sapphire provides righteousness, infused wisdom, the ability to approach and structuring thoughts, sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom has a calming effect, sapphire stimulates strength, faith and love for the truth, free from unwanted thoughts and mental tension, this stone promotes concentration, blue minerals help overcome fear and pull themselves stimulate capacity for cooperation. Blue helps uncover and break free from apprehensions and external influences, it helps build strength and inner balance, stimulates the craving for knowledge.


CHAKRAS: Throat, eyebrows.


USES: Jewelry, watches and laser applications, meditation, collection.

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