In this video we explain about some master quartz that you can find in our mineral store in the center of Barcelona and on our website, if you have any questions you can contact us by whatsapp (670-61-16-63) or by email (

Master Quartzes are quartz crystals that are considered especially powerful and versatile in the realm of crystal therapy and spirituality. These quartz crystals are distinguished by their size and their ability to store, amplify and transmit energy more intensely than other quartz.

Although there is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a "master quartz", it is generally believed to be large, crystalline quartz that exhibits unique formation or special characteristics. These crystals are often in the form of spikes or generators, which are crystals that taper to a point on one or both extremities.

Master Quartzes are considered powerful tools for meditation, healing, and energy work. They are believed to have the ability to help unblock and balance the chakras, strengthen the body's energy field, and facilitate connection to higher planes of spiritual consciousness. They are also used to amplify the intention and energy of other stones or crystals.

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