The moon, faithful companion of the night, whispers ancestral secrets to us through its silver light. It inspires poetry in hearts and connects humanity in its universal mystery. In each phase, it reflects ancient stories and future dreams, illuminating our imagination on the dark canvas of the firmament.

The soft and loving energy of rose quartz. This delicate gem, sculpted with precision, reflects the light of the moon in pink tones, transmitting calm and love to whoever owns it.

The jade moons, a masterpiece of harmony and balance. Each curve carved in jade represents the influence of the moon on our being, connecting us with nature and the tranquility of the night.

The onyx moons. This exquisite mineral, with its black and white tones, evokes the magic of a starry night and the duality of lunar energy.

Heliotrope moons, a unique stone that enhances vitality and passion. The green tones and red spots of this mineral recall the latent life in nature, tuning in with the strength and power of the crescent moon.

Rhodonite moons. This stone, with its pink colors and dark hues, reflects the energy of constant change that the moon experiences in its eternal cycle.

All of these fascinating moon figures, carved from carefully selected minerals, are available in our mineral store in the center of Barcelona.

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