Piedras Para La Ansiedad
Piedras Para La Ansiedad

Stones for Anxiety

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For you! Five stones and a couple of tips to help you in those moments of anguish, go with love.


Stones for anxiety

not to have it, to help you have a little less.

We propose one thing to you, when you feel like your head is going crazy and you breathe from your belly, did you know that we have two types of breathing? One from the chest that activates and another from the belly that calms, we need to have them in balance. Have you seen how a dog, a cat, or a baby breathes when they sleep? From the belly, now you do it, breathe from the belly and gradually raise the air to the chest, you can take the paper and put it in front of your nose so that you can feel how the air passes and meanwhile take the stones, touch them, feel the texture, They are cold and as your hand warms them, because your beautiful heart is always there beating for you, becoming calmer and calmer, you can also say their colors out loud, you can learn their names and say them, you can also evoke fruits from their colors. , vegetables, a place, give them a name, the whole point is to get your mind out of that state, don't worry, everything will be fine, you breathe.

We sincerely hope these stones accompany you and are one of the many tools you have to feel better and better.

We wish you the best in the world!! In this case, find the calm that lives within you!!

If you allow me, now I will explain this package to you, you have the paper that explains the minerals there are, in the photo we have put them in front of their name so that you can see them clearly and you do not have to be guessing which is which, then there is asummary of its properties, if you want to know more about them I leave you the info with the links to the section of our website Cristalljoia "Properties of Minerals"

The cage is made of nickel-free metal, it gives you the option of putting the stones in and using them as a pendant, as a keychain to put them in the rearview mirror of the car, to make a mobile phone or whatever your imagination creates, if you prefer you can also carry them loose one by one or all at the same time, for example: in your purse or pocket, there is an extra bag for it . You can also put them in the space that you think is convenient, if you have an altar they can be part of it, the options are as varied as human beings are, so here you just have to use them with common sense, that is, you ask yourself where and how I would take them with me and that's it.

You can clean them with clear water, the smoke of palo santo, sage, incense, to charge the moon, whichever you like the most.

We send you a big hug from Cristalljoia



Blue quartz

Rose Quartz


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