ETYMOLOGY: From latin scientific beryllium turn of beryllus ("beryl") and the Greek βήρυλλος beryllos, "beryl".
MINERAL CLASS:  Ciclosilicatos, beryllium´s family.

HARDNESS:  7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale.
FIELDSRussia, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Norway, Brazil, USA.

MINERALOGY: Hydrothermal origin in pegmatites are formed when the magma solution is sufficiently enriched with beryllium, transparent to translucent white or color. Colored copies abound, being able to distinguish different varieties: Aquamarine: It is a transparent blue-green variety. Esmeralda is transparent dark green beryl. The Heliodoro or golden beryl is light golden yellow variety. The Morganite is the pink. The Goshenite is colorless. White stripe; resinous sometimes vitreous luster. Usually it occurs in large crystals of hexagonal prismatic habit, or columnar, granudas and compact masses.

MYTHOLOGY: Considered since ancient times a detoxifying and strengthening the eyes, so even then it was carved for the manufacture of lenses and visual accessories. The Druids used to make predictions beryl, while the Scottish called them "stones of power." The first crystal balls were made from beryl, later being replaced by rock crystal.

PROPERTIES: It is said to produce perseverance, insight and joy of life, it stimulates the sense of security, power, courage, relieves stress and calms the mind.


CHAKRASCrown, solar plexus.

ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra.

USES: Jewelry, meditation, collection, beryl is also the main source of beryllium (a light metal similar to aluminum in many of its properties). Added beryllium copper increases the hardness and tensile strength and fatigue.

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