ETYMOLOGY: The latin ("white lead").

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Orthorhombic.


MINERAL CLASS: Carbonates.


HARDENESS:  3- 3.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDSSpain, Australia, Italy, Morocco, Namibia, Austria, Zambia, Scotland, USA

MINERALOGY: The lead carbonate colorless or white cream, certain impurities give different shades (gray, green, blue and black) of diamond glitter, vitreous, resinous or pearl, its density is 6.4 to 6.6g / cm3 . It contains 83.5% lead oxide is soluble in nitric acid, usually occurs in fragile rhombic crystal habit or fasciculados aggregates drusiformes, columnar or kidney-shaped. Also in gray granudas needle crystal masses and masses with an aspect of straws. It originates from the oxidation zone of the deposits of galena and is usually formed therefrom directly or through anglesite altered from galena. The best specimens of this mineral are Tsumeb in Namibia (crystals 20 cm in diameter).

MYTHOLOGY: Found good specimens of up to 50 mm in Stríbo (Czech Republic). In ancient times the Egyptians used cerusita synthesized by themselves as eye makeup. Smallpox was a severe disease during the Middle Ages. And as he moved around Europe, who managed to survive, they left with scars, wounds and other deformities. To combat skin imperfections, women wore the "beauty tips" of the time, which recommended applying cerusita (or white lead) directly to the skin. Unfortunately, cerusita was not safe for use on skin and many women were poisoned with it and died for this cause. women today follow the Middle East I use in the West is prohibited for its high toxicity.

PROPERTIES: It is said that is a mineral that relieves tension and anxiety, promotes decision making, encourages creativity, facilitates communication and the ability to listen carefully, helps you adapt to sudden changes and the settlement to feel comfortable in your environment, also helping to alleviate the nostalgia.


CHAKRAS: Heart, Throat.

ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo.

USES: Important ore (mineral deposit of economic interest) lead.

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