ETYMOLOGY: From the Greek kinnabari = vermilion (in reference to its color) also from Arabic zinjafr or Persian zinjafrah, meaning dragon blood.





HARDENESS:  2-2.5  on the Mohs scale.

FIELDSSpain (Almaden, Picos de Europa) Germany, Italy, China, USA.

MINERALOGY: A class mineral sulfides. Massive granular texture, earthy is made of 85% mercury and 15% sulfur. It is usually found as a granular mass of trigonal crystals, with hot springs and volcanic rocks.

MYTHOLOGY: Legend has it that the people of the towns had an incredible fear that their dead come to life and walk as soulless monsters for his world, that's why stones were placed over the deceased so he could not get up and cinnabar powder over the body, as they had the belief that aa could well spend another life without having to go through this. In ancient times, it was used to preserve human bones and cave paintings (like those discovered near Almaden). In Chinese medicine used metaphorically cinnabar sexual energy that was received by genetic inheritance that was exhausting and long life. cinnabar alchemists used to prepare an elixir that assumed, assured longevity. In the Middle Ages it was used to illuminate manuscripts. Another use was as a colorant for sealing, it was a brittle solid and low melting point to seal letters or documents of royalty (based mainly beeswax mixture).

PROPERTIES: It is said to help in times of restlessness and inconstancy, reduces distractions that makes us lose concentration, is a mineral abundance, helps to thrive without causing occupationally aggressive feelings, help the organization in business and finance.


CHAKRASSpleen and crown.

ZODIAC SIGN: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

USES: Removing mercury, utensils orthodontics, very pure and heavy compact variety called "Till cinnabar" is used to make ornaments, meditation, collection.

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