ETIMOLOGY: Corallum comes from Latin and Greek this, Korallion "pebble or small stone". Corallium means "daughter of the sea".



MINERAL: Organic Stone.


HARDNESS: 3-4  on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS:  Costs of Western Mediterranean countries, the Red Sea, Malaysian archipelago.


MINERALOGY: The most corals have the form reefs, atolls and coral reefs through trunks with numerous branches, are formed by small polyps* (set consisting of many individual, genetically identical multicellular organisms). The height of the logs is about 20-40 cm and the perimeter of the branches reaches up to 6 cm.

The appearance of this type of skeleton resembles bamboo coral hence its name. Polyps* form the colonies, united by a fleshy tissue mass generated by them, covering a branched structure to support the colony; replacing the calcium carbonate skeletons of hard corals, a protein substance called gorgonin cornea (A typical protein complex that contains a lot of iodine and bromine which is the skeleton of gorgonian [a genre of coral]).

The block is part of coral reef species known as Melithaea sponge, which are very common in areas of Taiwan Indonesia and southern China.

The sponge coral belongs to the group of soft coral, ocher Melithaea although in this case has a rigid skeleton. In Melithaea coral, the hard, tiny particles produced by living organisms, have merged to produce a hard skeleton of aragonite. The skeleton has a spongy appearance and crisp, and its surface is abrasive, grows in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

It is a coral species belonging to this family (belonging to the class Anthozoa [are presented exclusively as polyp *] In 1722 Jean-André Peyssonnel (Marseille June 19, 1694, Saint-Bertrand de l'Isle Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, December 24, 1759, French physician and naturalist), found that the coral was an animal and not a dark bush (Litodendrum stone or tree.) as previously believed.


MYTHOLOGY: The extraction of corals, which are to 3-300 m depth, is usually performed by networks pesos, coarse mesh, which move along the seabed, although coral extraction system diving causes less environmental impact, once obtained soft corals and are classified under parts are rubbing their quality. The main shopping center is 200 years Torre del Greco south of Naples, Italy.
In villages dominated by the Roman Empire, it was common to see hanging from the neck of men and women a piece of coral, in ancient Rome women wore jewelry made from coral to attract the love of a man which was engraved the name of the goddess of the night, Hecate, the Greek deity.

PROPERTIES: Remove far from envy and selfishness of others, coming from the sea has positive vibrations, is said to be a stone that attracts love, brings good luck in the home and its inhabitants, inspires creativity and peace of heart.


CHAKRAS: Sacral, spleen.

ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus, Cancer, Libra.

USES: Jewellery, collection, meditation.

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