Chaman quartz

ETYMOLOGY: From the greek word "kristallos" meaning ice and "Hard" in Slavic. SHAMÁNICO = that give quartz inside the appearance of shamanic landscapes.

CRYSTAL SYSTEMTrigonal / tetragonal.


CLASS MINERAL: Oxides, quartz groups.


HARDNESS: 6-7 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Brazil.


MINEROLOGY: Quartz Chamanic is a quartz crystal inclusions with different rock minerals (chlorite, fluorite, rutile, hematite.) Forming landscapes inside.


MYTHOLOGY: For most quartz shamans came from heaven to protect them, to the tribes of America, the spiritual forces coming from the sky, the earth, their ancestors were the guidelines that allowed them to discover the life mission of each individual. American shamans know this as quartz vision for the QUARTZ MAGIC FOREST celts healers.


PROPERTIES: The shaman Quartz contains different minerals that help to communicate with the spiritual realm: chlorite has strong associations with Mother Earth facilitating the healing nature trips, chlorite and self-realization helps cleanse the past, provides protection and fluorite discernment, is protective and power rutile travel outside the body, dissolves negativity and hematite seats and harmonizes body and mind, quartz The shaman helps solve problems and get answers, this quartz absorbs negativity and environmental pollutants. Experts who gaze at the mineral can take a trip to the answers they say.

CLEANING: The best method of cleaning the quartz is burying ground surface and exposed for several days and nights of a full moon rising, most shamanic crystals usually have holes and cracks so it is not advisable to dip them in salted water.



ZODIAC SIGN: It's related to all zodiac signs.

USES: Meditation, jewelry, collection, healing.

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