sichuan quartz

ETYMOLOGY: QUARTZ = comes from the Greek word "kristallos" meaning ice. And "Hard" in Slavic. SICHUAN = the name of the source of this mineral in the Sichuan region of China.



CLASS MINERAL: Oxides, quartz group.


FIELDS: Sichuan- China.


MINERALOGY: This quartz is a variety originally found in China, the Sichuan region. They are double-ended, its shape is not very long, their faces triangular sixteen in each separated by a group of six square or rectangular sides) end, contain carbon inclusions.

READ MORE: There are three ways inclusions

⦁ The minerals that were formed before the quartz: Quartz crystals grow and "traps" And so the original form of the mineral is preserved, and
          These inclusions are called protogenéticas.

⦁ The minerals and quartz grew at the same time (these are called syngenetic inclusions). The form of the minerals listed often deviates from typical habits and ways that develop during growth unhindered

⦁ Minerals may include another by exsolution (separation of two different mineral ore on cooling). These inclusions are called Epigenetic.


MYTHOLOGY: crystals are also known similar to quartz "Herkimer Diamond".


PROPERTIES: The Quartz Sichuan in form of double-ended radiates or absorbs energy at both ends simultaneously absorb negativity and helps to suppress harmful health habits, which enhances telepathy and communication of the soul is said, it is beneficial for therapists facilitating the understanding of past lives the patient treatment, energy combines and Tibetan Herkimer quartz, being the bearer of a very high vibration that integrates spirit and matter.


CHAKRAS: Brow, crown.

ZODAIC SIGN: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

USES: Meditation, collection, jewelery.

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