ETYMOLOGY: It comes from the Arabic meaning conch.

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Orthorhombic, microcrystalline.

PRINCIPLE OF FORMATION:  The beads are prepared by saltwater bivalves, some freshwater bivalves, and sometimes by some gastropods. Pearls are the result of a reaction that takes place before foreign bodies that penetrate between the shell and the mantle of bivalve and gastropod or even managed to penetrate within the mantle, called the epithelium, forming the shell through excretions of nacre, but thus also covers all foreign bodies staying in this area.

CLASS MINERAL: Organic Stone.

CHEMICAL FORMULA, MINERAL ELEMENTS: Calcium carbonate + water + organic matter.

HARDNESS: 2.5 - 4.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: China, Japan, Persian Gulf, India, Madagascar, the Philippines, New Zealand.


MINERALOGY: It is called nacre (mother of pearl) inner layer with strong iridescent sheen of some shells of bivalves and gastropods. The pearl is an organic-inorganic, already consolidated, hard, white, bright and iridescent substance or iridescent reflections. Forming the inner layer of the shell of many shells. Nacre is composed of hexagonal platelets of aragonite (calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystallized). The pearl of the species HALIOTIS AUSTRALIS New Zealand, has a green blue iridescent sheen, due to their similar to Opal, called marine or abalone pearl because the color effect.


MYTHOLOGY: The shells that provide the most beautiful pearl are haliótidas the nautilas, the pintadinas among others, depending on the food consumed by the animal, can be obtained from many different colored pearls. You can even find black pearls in the South Pacific Ocean, the pearl of the species HALIOTIS AUSTRALIS New Zealand, which has a blue-green iridescent sheen, was used by Maori for centuries for mystical carvings inlaid in wood.


PROPERTIES: The pearl has similar to the harmonic conjunction between the Moon and Venus, as the pearl astrological effects. Make people sweet and flattering, so that your company will always be a pleasant. It is so powerful that its effects can become fascinating and exercise over the other an irresistible domain. A esoteric level is the gem of white witches. In another sense it is one of the gems of fertility and responsiveness, helping women to get pregnant.




USES: The pearl is used in works of marquetry, fine jewelry Joinery and decorate fans, buttons, cards and mobile phones, inlay (eg knife handles and gun butts), cosmetics.

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