Rainbow obsidian

ETYMOLOGY: Obsius comes from the Roman, who according to the writings of Plinio, discovered the stone in modern Ethiopia.



CHEMICAL FORMULA, MINERAL ELEMENTS: Volcanic rock amorphous rich in silica.

HARDNESS: 5 - 5.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Japan.


MINERALOGY: It has a volcanic origin formed by the extremely rapid cooling of rich lava silicic acid, cooling is so fast that not enough time for a crystal structure is formed, an amorphous solidified mass is formed with enough mineral inclusions, water and gases. The rainbow obsidian owes its iridescent color to the presence of microbubbles of water.

MYTHOLOGY: In some cultures and the early civilizations, it was highly valued stone, because it could be made very sharp blades used as knives and arrowheads or spear. The mesoamerican cultures used obsidian to make tools and ornaments. She was also used to develop weapons such as the fearsome macuahuitl or mace and spears and arrows tips because, being very sharp, piercing and chopping the skin and flesh with ease. Even they have been discovered prehistoric surgical instruments made of this material.

PROPERTIES: It is said that the rainbow obsidian is a mineral with strong protective properties, teaches you things about your spiritual nature,
rainbow obsidian cut the bonds of old love affairs and gently releases hooks heart, filling it with energy back by eating a rainbow obsidian as pending absorbs negative energy from aura and removes bodily stress




USES:  Meditation, collection, jewelery.

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