ETYMOLOGY: By german chemist G. L. Uex




HARDNESS:  2 - 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, USA.


MINERALOGY: The ulexita is chemically a hydrous calcium and sodium borate, is the most stable in normal environmental conditions borate, hence it is the final product in the alteration of other minerals like boron hydroboracite, colemanite, inyoite, borax etc. It comes in Tertiary sediments mio-Pliocene either singenéticas layers or epigenetically filling (term used to describe a process that occurs on or near the surface of the Earth) cracks and crevices or replacing pseudomórficamente (It is the mineral that occurs under the crystalline form of the other.) to other borates, his usual habit is rounded into small nodules, as lenticular masses, which is often called "cotton balls", sometimes with well-formed crystals.


MYTHOLOGY: The most widespread mineral boron in the Puna Argentina, also occurring in salt lakes in Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, is a very white and very soft and light mineral hence the adjective in English cotton ball (balls cotton). Its needle-like crystals or fragments polished transparent, reveal what is behind a very characteristic way, as if were projected inside, the so called the "stone television", for the ability to transmit images through their natural fibers. It's like an artificial optical fiber, but natural.


PROPERTIES: It is said that ulexita is an extremely pale stone and puts things in perspective internal and spiritual levels, paying much needed objectivity and clarity, power of imagination, inspiration increases, its soft power is beneficial for meditation and relaxation, gives us the ability to understand dreams and visions, helps solve problems by focusing on solutions.



USES: To brighten the ceramics and pottery, for pharmaceutical use in eye drops and disinfectant, also used to dye and bleach, toothpaste and mouthwash, under construction in roofing shingles, tiles, bricks and other materials, production of glass, mirrors, optical glasses, glass lenses and magnifying glass, as well as for the refining of gold and silver, for agro-industries that use the refined borax, potassium and magnesium which is obtained as fertilizer. Collection.

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