Some mineral things in our mineral store in the center of Barcelona:

Aura Quartz: Aura Quartz glows with rainbow energy, fusing beauty and spirituality into one earthly gem.

Smoky Quartz: Smoky quartz keeps in its depth the wisdom of the shadows, transforming darkness into clarity with its mysterious beauty.

Agate geodes: Agate geodes hide inside a treasure of colors and shapes, revealing the magic of the Earth through its crystals and unique cavities.

Fluorite: Fluorite, with its dance of tones and transparencies, is like a fragment of a dream frozen in crystal, a window into a world of beauty and mystery.

Celestina: The celestina, with its soft blue hue and calming energy, is like a whisper from heaven that guides us towards serenity and inner communication.

Optical Calcite: Optical Calcite acts like a prism of wonders, breaking light into a spectacle of colors and showing us beauty in diversity.

Azurite: Azurite, with its deep shades of blue, immerses us in the essence of the ocean and sky, awakening intuition and connection with the divine.

Pyrite: Pyrite shines with a captivating sparkle that reminds us of the beauty in appearances and the importance of looking beyond.

Amethyst: Amethyst, with its enchanting purple, is a calming embrace of nature, inspiring clarity of mind and lifting the spirit toward serenity.

Mineral Hearts: Hearts carved from minerals are tangible symbols of love on Earth, fusing the beauty of nature with the beating of the human heart.

Mineral Merkabas: Mineral merkabas are gateways into the sacred geometry of life, fusing the energy of the Earth into forms that elevate spirituality and consciousness.

Geometric figures of minerals: Geometric figures sculpted in minerals are visual expressions of universal harmony, where nature and geometry meet in an eternal dance of balance and beauty.

Mineral elephants: Elephants carved in minerals are symbols of wisdom and strength, fusing the beauty of nature with the majesty of these majestic beings.

Mineral Buddha: The carved mineral Buddha embodies the tranquility and serenity of enlightenment, fusing the natural beauty of the Earth with the transcendent spirituality of Buddhism.

Mineral Pyramids: Pyramids made of minerals bear witness to the connection between ancient wisdom and the energy of the Earth, raising its power and mystery to the sky.

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