Black obsidian

ETYMOLOGY: Obsius comes from the Roman, who according to the writings of Plinio, discovered the stone in modern Ethiopia.




CHEMICAL FORMULA, MINERAL ELEMENTS: Amorphous volcanic rock rich in silica.

HARDNESS: 5 - 5.5 on the Mohs scale.

FIELDS: Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Japan.


MINERALOGY: The volcanic origin formed by the extremely rapid cooling of rich lava silicic acid, cooling is so fast that not enough time for a crystal structure is formed, an amorphous solidified mass is formed with enough mineral inclusions, water and gases. The tear obsidian apache comes from very poor lava foreign substances, it is also called smoky obsidian.


MYTHOLOGY: In the Paleolithic the obsidian blades were as a sign of funerary objects and rituals, obsidian is used as an ornament found. in the Middle Ages used it as a magic stone, the Aztec priests of the god Tezcatlipoca (smoking mirror), used the obsidian mirror for the art of divination, according to an ancient tradition obsidian was used for wound healing and pain relief. The obsidian was the first sheet and the first weapon of the man, the name comes from the Roman Obsius, who according to the writings of Pliny, discovered the stone in modern Ethiopia.


PROPERTIES: It is said that the black obsidian has an invigorating effect, helps against obsession, is a mineral shield against negative energies, it helps to change patterns of belief, behavior and communication. banishes shock, trauma and blockages. Mentally removes tensions, black minerals provide security and stability and keeps them from mental deviations and focuses our attention on the essentials.




USES: Jewellery, meditation, collection.

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